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We host quarterly meetings which are open to all in the community, not just members. These are typically the last Wednesday in September, December, March, and May.

There's lots of good work to do to keep our community healthy, happy, and prosperous. Below are the current committees that support CVCA work; please consider joining one. CVCA membership is required to be on a committee. If you're interested in the CVCA forming a new committee, please let us know!

Here are a few of our committees:

  • Snowflake Tour

  • Charles Villager

  • Outreach

  • Governance

  • Business

  • Annual Nominating Committee

    • Active May thru Annual Meeting: 3 Board & 2 CVCA Members

  • Finance Committee

    • Treasurer, Chair; President & 3 Board Members meets on call.

  • Land Use Committee

    • Meets monthly on First Tuesday to review new and continuing items on Zoning, Planning & Liquor Board Hearing Schedules.  Dedicated volunteers with expertise and special interest in land use issues.  Sandy Sparks, Chair; Alexandra Eisler, Secretary; Emilie Drasher (Waverly Main Street), Peter Duvall (Strong City Baltimore), Reni Lawal (Baltimore City Planning), Fred Lippert, Alan Mlinarchik, John Spurrier, Ashley Wallace (CBP), Weston Konishi

  • Executive Committee

    • CVCA Officers meets on call.

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