or dial 311 from you phone

Baltimore City has a 311 app available from the app store.


Call 911 for medical, fire, or police personnel for an immediate life threatening situation.

Poison Control Center  410-528-7701

Gas Leak  410-685-0123

Department Public Works, Service Center (24 hours)  311

Water emergencies (24 hours)  311

Northern District Police

2201 W. Coldspring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21215


Residential Parking Permit

Area 12/12A

Area 37

Crime Watch Number

Apply for a confidential Baltimore crime watch number here. A Crime Watch number, also known as a “Block Watch” number, is a unique, seven-digit number issued to you by the Baltimore Police Department. It is a confidential identification number that you give to the 9-1-1 Operator after dialing “9-1-1” to make sure that the police officer responding to your call does not come to your door. Once you give your Crime Watch number to the 9-1-1 Operator, your name, phone number and address will not be given to the police, and the police officer in the responding patrol car will not know who made the 9-1-1 call or the phone number or address that it came from.

Housing Services 

Housing violations and vacant buildings  311

Owner of property  410-396-3634

Landlord/Tenant relations  410-243-6007

Zoning enforcement  410-396-4305


Motor Vehicles 

Request information on parking fines  410-396-4080

Report abandoned vehicles  311

Report problems with traffic signs or traffic signals  311

Apply for/renew your driver's license  410-768-7000

Renew vehicle tags  410-768-7000


Sanitation police  311

Health inspections  311

Trash pick up complaints  311

Assistance with community clean-ups  410-396-4511

Recycling questions  410-396-5916 

Bulk trash pick up   311

Graffiti removed from public areas  311


Animal Issues 

Bites or animal complaints, shelter  311

Stray, wild animals, traps  311

Removal of dead animals  311

Rat Problem  311

Obtain dog license  410-396-3993



Information on health services   410-396-4398

Information on lead abatement  410-396-4530

Obtain lead paint inspection  410-396-8576

Medical information on lead poisoning  410-396-8595

Johns Hopkins

Need to report a student issue? Do it here.


Additional Contact Info 



Obtain building permits  410-396-3360

Information on Residential Parking Permits (RPP)  443-573-2800

Obtain permit to use public parks for special/community/family events   



Public Safety

Report illegal drug activity   410-685-DRUG

Anonymous Crime Tip Line   410-276-8888

Report crimes not-in-progress  311

Home fire prevention tips  410-396-5752


Taxes & Assessments

Property tax assessments (MSDAT)   410-767-8250 

Information on property tax bill  410-396-3987   sdat.dat.maryland.gov/RealProperty

Homeowner tax credits   410-767-4433

Water/sewer bills  410-396-5398



Report water and sewer problems (24hr)  311

Request energy assistance   410-396-5555

Information on winterization of residential property  410-396-6046

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