Annual Meeting Agenda & Board Voting Instructions

Directions for WebEx: Go to:

Click: Join meeting

Enter: 132 897 9333

Enter password: CVCA2020


Phone in: Dial: 408-418-9388

Enter: 132 897 9333#

How to use WebEx:


1. 7:00 Welcome, agenda: Kirsch Jones

2. 7:05 Membership: CVCA Membership Secretary Janice Davis

3. 7:09 Music Series: CVCA Special Events Lead John Spurrier

4. 7:13 Redesigned Web Site Introduction: CVCA Outreach and Communications Lead Gina Lofaro

5. 7:25 Next General Membership Meeting; November 18: Kirsch Jones

6. 7:26 Other Announcements

7. 7:30 Reggie Parker Recognition Award: West Charles Village Walkers Coordinator Sharon Guida and CVCBD Executive Director Kristina Williams

8. 7:45 Membership Vote on the 2020-2021 CVCA Board Slate of Officers and Directors: CVCA Membership Secretary Janice Davis


The CVCA membership vote on the slate of CVCA officers and directors goes before CVCA members participating in the CVCA Annual Meeting. Normally the vote is taken by show of hands from verified members at an in-person meeting. However, due to the pandemic, this year’s meeting will be conducted virtually by WebEx on September 30 beginning at 7 PM. 

The CVCA Board unanimously approved the following slate of nominees for the CVCA Board year starting October 1, 2020. 


Officers are elected annually.

President— Miller Roberts III (400 block Whitridge)

Vice President — Paul Weber (2700 block Howard)

Treasurer— Richard Walther (200 block E. 32nd)

Recording Secretary — Kyle Fritz ( (2600 block Guilford)

Membership Secretary — Janice Davis (2500 block N. Calvert)


Nominees for two-year terms ending September 2022.


Bryan Beverly (2500 block Guilford)

Jim Casey (2700 block St. Paul)

Liz Cornish (2700 block Maryland)

Alex Hargadon (2900 block St. Paul)

Kris Misage (2500 block Guilford)


Beth Tohn (2900 block St. Paul)

Please cast your ballot by selecting “yea,” “nay,” or “abstain.” Households can have one or two members (the one or two adults named in the membership). Each member can vote independently, simply close the browser and reopen the link for the second household member. Members will vote on the slate of officers and directors using this form. The vote opens at 6:45 PM on September 30, 2020 and will close at, and votes must be received by, 7:45 PM the same day. 

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